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About me

Art is my passion

Shauna was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, grew up through the very cool decade of the 70's. Art and music were always a part of day to day living.

Shauna moved to Teton Valley in the mid 90's, and finds that the people, animals, and nature are a wonderful inspiration for creativity.


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Along with an online art gallery, I also have an art gallery and studio. I teach group classes, and private lessons, let me know if you'd like to visit.

Shauna Crandall

PO Box 17 Driggs, Idaho 83422

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About Shauna

I Love Color

My art is inspired by the beautiful Teton Valley, however, growing up in the bay area of California has certainly influenced my art!

Living in Wyoming/Idaho gave me a whole new perspective on creating art, and has challenged me as to what my subjects are, and how I portray them.

Currently, the things I do to make me feel happy are; collecting rocks, glass objects, silk fabric (I love Japanese textiles), and books. I enjoy painting in watercolor, oils, pastel, and acrylics. And last, but in no way least, I love music, and try to find time to collaborate with others on jazz, blues, and alternative stuff. 


The animals in Teton Valley are abundant, the magic of spotting a beautiful creature in nature never diminishes.


Every season has a lush beauty, whether the kaleidoscope of summer. the fire of Autumn, the purity of winter, or the brilliance of spring!